Office Cleaning Methods

We clean to provide you with a cleaner and healthier office using advanced microfiber technology, experience and constant quality improvements.  We give each customer a customized office cleaning.

Here is how we clean for a cleaner, healthier office:

MORE DIRT, DUST AND BACTERIA REMOVAL:  We always use commercial microfiber products for cleaning cloths, mop heads and dust mops to clean your office.  Our microfibers give a superior cleaning compared to terry cloths, cotton rags, sponges and old cotton mop heads.  The microfibers can easily reach into surface cracks to pick up more dirt, dust and germs than ordinary cleaning methods.  Finally, microfiber cleaning products have been proven to reduce bacterial build-up by 96%.

GREEN CLEANING: We use green cleaning chemicals which give strong cleaning power but are less harmful to you and your employees.   This is important especially if your employees are suffering from allergies and asthma. Also, for green cleaning, we use microfiber cloths, microfiber mop heads, microfiber dust mops, and dual compartment mop buckets.

PREVENT CROSS CONTAMINATION:  We always use freshly cleaned microfiber mop heads and microfiber cleaning cloths for each visit.  Therefore, we never bring you bacteria and germs from other offices.  Our microfiber cleaning cloths have different colors so we will never clean your restrooms and use the same cloths outside of the rest rooms.

RESTROOM CLEANING: We spray the entire sinks, counters, and toilets with a commercial disinfectant cleaner to properly sanitize all surfaces.  We then wipe down the surfaces with microfiber cloths.

MOPPING FLOORS:  We mop your floors every time with a clean microfiber mop head using a dual mop bucket.  The mop bucket has 2 compartments – one for fresh cleaning solution and one for dirty rinse water.  Therefore, we always apply fresh floor solutions to your floors to remove dirt and stains.

COMMERCIAL VACUUM CLEANERS:  Our commercial Sanitaire heavy duty upright vacuum cleaners have paper bags inside the allergen cloth bags.  This significantly removes more dust and allergen pollutants from your carpets than other vacuums. We change the paper bags and vacuum belts frequently to give our vacuum cleaners a more powerful suction.

TRAINED OFFICE CLEANERS:  We thoroughly train our employees on proper green cleaning techniques.  The best equipment and supplies will not clean your office better unless office cleaners use them properly.  Finally, before hiring, we do background criminal and driving record checks to ensure that only responsible, dependable people clean your office. 

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