Microfiber cleaning cloths give superior cleanings compared to cotton cloths, sponges, terry cloths, paper towels, etc.  The microfiber cloths grab the dirt and dust instead of spreading the dirt and dust.  Therefore, you will be able to clean faster using less elbow grease and have a cleaner house.


Reason for Superior Cleaning

The reason that microfiber cloths clean well is that they are woven with tiny threads smaller than cotton threads.  The size of the threads are 1/100 th of the thickness of your hair.  These tiny threads allows the microfiber cloths to reach into tiny cracks to grab and lift more dirt from the surface better than other cleaning cloths.  Also, they remove up to 96% of the bacteria and germs.


Proper Use 

To properly clean with your microfiber cloths, fold the cloths twice.  Now you have 8 cleaning sides to clean with.  You can spray the cleaner either on the dirty surface or directly on the cloths.  Although you can clean with  dry microfiber cloths, we found that the cleaning solution makes it easier to move the cloths across the dirty surface.  When the cloths become very wet from the cleaning solutions, stop using them to clean and get a new dry cloth.  Being excessively wet will spread the bacteria and germs instead of picking them up.  This was shown and proven to us at a janitorial trade show in Orlando by using expensive instruments that measures the amount of germs on a surface.


Microfiber Colors

The microfiber cloths come in many different colors.  The most common colors are yellow and red.  In the cleaning industry, the red cloths are typically used to clean toilets while the yellow cloths are used to clean the bathroom sinks and mirrors.  This helps prevent cross contamination. 


Different Types 

Different types of microfiber cloths are made for different jobs such as window cleaning, dusting, and general cleaning.  You don't need to buy a different microfiber cloth for each different job.  A general purpose microfiber cloth will work fine for all your house cleaning jobs.


Save Money

The microfiber cloths will save you money in the long run.  The microfiber cloths can be washed up to 500 times while cotton cloths usually lasts up to 50 washes. Therefore, the microfiber cloths last 10 times longer than the cotton cleaning cloths.  Quality Office Cleaning, Inc. have been using microfiber cloths for about 10 years. 


Proper Care 

For the proper care of the microfiber cloths, wash them separately in your washing machine using cold water.  You do not want to wash them with you other clothes, because the microfiber cloths will grab and hold the lint that washes off your other clothes. This will drastically reduce their cleaning ability to pick up dirt and dust.  Do not add bleach or softeners to your wash since it will weaken the cloth threads.  To dry them, you can air dry them or place them in the dryer on low heat.  Hot heat will melt the microfiber fibers and ruin them.


Stores to Buy Microfiber Cloths

If you want to buy some microfiber cleaning cloths, usually expect to pay between $1.00 to $2.00 per cloth for good quality.  We recommend that you not buy them at discount stores since the microfiber cloths are usually too thin and of lower quality.  You best price is to buy them at Costco or Sam's Club.  You can buy them at Walmart, Home Depot, Pulbix or at janitorial stores.  You can find them usually in the automotive department.

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